About the Foundation

foundThe Dr Bettye Bouey-Yates Educational Foundation, incorporated in the District of Columbia in 2003, was established to enrich the educational experience of school children in South Africa. The Foundation began informally in 1998 after a visit to South Africa by a group of tourists led by Bettye Yates. The group, while touring near Durban, expressed an interest in visiting a primary school. Their guide took them to the Christianenberg Primary School in Claremont, Kwa Zulu-Natal. The school was historically significant, in that it was the first school to be established for African children in the black township of Claremont. Dating from 1884, the school was built on mission land by Lutheran missionaries.
Over the years, outside support for Christianenberg had diminished. Buildings had deteriorated and basic educational tools were practically nonexistent. The school was required to be self- sufficient which was almost impossible considering the high rate of unemployment in the area. There were no sports fields, and after-school activities were restricted to a small area around the buildings.

Today Christianenberg is a public primary school. The Department of Education, which has a 100 year lease on this Lutheran Church property, provides basic maintenance, whilst the school and the community are responsible for all structural developments. Each year since 1998, Bettye Yates’ South African Adventure travelers have visited the school.
The support of the travelers has been essential in helping the Foundation provide the school with the following basic education supplies:

  • A large (concrete) all-purpose sports field.
  • Electronic equipment.
  • In partnership with the Divine Life Society of South Africa
  • The construction of a building to house a computer center.
  • Permanent partitions to divide a multi-purpose room into three classrooms.
  • Computers and books.
  • A very generously stocked library.
  • Two-week visit to the USA by the school principal and librarian.
  • Replacement / repair of all broken windows.
  • Dictionaries for each graduating senior since 2008.
  • English readers for each 7th grader since 2009.
  • Converted existing building into a furnished science center.

In 2010, the Foundation extended its efforts to three other public primary schools in the same neighborhood as Christianenburg: Clermont, Clernaville, and Udumo. Each year dictionaries and readers are purchased for each 7th grader.

The library at Clernaville has been upgraded and a set of encyclopedias was purchased.

A library has been established at Clermont.

The Foundation remains focused on upgrading the existing libraries and establishing a library at Udumo where currently there is no room available.

Mission Statement

“To enrich lives, by sharing and fostering well-being through educational support for the school children in South Africa.”

The Foundation will continue to provide support to the local schools within the Clermont area by providing funds generated from the Board, Foundation members, and concerned citizens. If you wish to become a member or make a contribution, please contact one of our board members listed on our web site.

For more information about the foundation please visit our website at

The Dr. Bettye Bouey-Yates Educational Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.